Cycle of Engagement Tools

The Well-Visit Planner (WVP), the Online Promoting Healthy Development Survey (Online PHDS) and the CARE_PATH for Kids (CPK) comprise the Cycle of Engagement (COE) tools. The tools can be implemented in conjunction with one another to complete the Cycle of Engagement model. The tools can also be implemented individually while still creating a Cycle of Engagement, through continued use and an intentional culture of family engagement.

Well Visit Planner Logo
Identify child and family needs and priorities
before well-child visits

The WVP is an online tool that parents complete prior to each well-child visit (4 months-6 years) to identify needs and priorities specific to their child’s age, tailor the visits to their needs and optimize encounters. The WVP ensures that the well-child visit has a parent-led agenda and responds to identified priorities, strengths and context of families through use of standardized screening tools and a customized Visit Guide. Parents receive the Visit Guide that can be shared with their child’s provider prior to the well-visit. The WVP Tailored option is currently available for implementation, in which providers can tailor the WVP to their practice or organization through the WVP Portal. The WVP Portal allows you to create a unique URL for the WVP, customize the WVP, and track the number of completed WVP and more. You can review the current and potential WVP Features and Options to see the other options for implementation, which can be made available upon negotiation. Learn more about the WVP from this 2-page overview.

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Assess quality of care as a baseline or
after well-child visits

The Online PHDS is a parent-completed online tool that assesses whether young children (3 months-4 years) are receiving nationally recommended preventive and developmental services and promotes the continuous engagement of families to measure and improve the quality of care. The Online PHDS can be administered before and after quality improvement interventions or on an ongoing basis to regularly assess the quality of well-child visits. Parents receive a summary feedback report after they complete the Online PHDS. Providers can assess changes in the quality of well-child care they provide by creating aggregate reports through the Online PHDS Portal. Providers can also obtain Maintenance of Certification (MOC, Part 4) credit from American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) and Continued Medical Education (CME) credits (coming soon in the Online PHDS Portal). Learn more about the Online PHDS from this 2-page overview.


The CARE_PATH for Kids (CPK) is a model and suite of tools designed to engage families and providers in a comprehensive assessment of a family’s strengths, needs, visions, priorities and goals to inform the development of a shared plan of care. The CPK uses a three-step whole child approach for families to engage, plan, and improve care planning and outcomes in partnership with their child’s care team(s). The CPK promotes improved partnerships between families and their care teams to work together to build a shared plan of care. The CPK tools are the Family Foundations of Care (FFC) Planner, the Family Foundations of Care (FFC) Plan and CPK Shared Planning Meeting. Learn more about the CPK from this 2-page overview. You can also access the CPK tools and implementation resources on the CPK website.